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What is a hybrid wedding?

This is a wedding that combines a limited number of guests present physically and the rest of the guests at a distance. This formula is perfect for our loved ones who are outside and who cannot be present at the ceremony.


Guests can watch your wedding in real-time, with a better view than the front row.

It only takes one click on a link for your most important people to be able to celebrate your wedding in real time. It's the best solution to be close while being far away.

Our high-definition live wedding broadcasts are easy for guests to watch. No app downloads required.

Our multi-camera productions offer home viewers a better view than the front row.

The live wedding production team at Beau à voir is primarily composed of live event specialists. We take our role on your wedding day seriously because we know how important this day is to you AND to your loved ones watching from home.

Expand your guest list to include everyone.

Planning a small wedding doesn't mean limiting the guest list. Beau à voir allows you to easily live stream your wedding to an unlimited number of guests.

An intimate wedding, a small venue, or a limited budget won't prevent your guests from celebrating (virtually) with you.

Budget savings.

It's no secret that your wedding guest list is the biggest contributor to guest count. You can save a few (thousand) dollars by live streaming your wedding. Unlimited guests without going over budget.

One of the biggest wedding regrets couples experience is going over budget. Whether you're trimming a guest list, splurging on a few guests, or skipping a videographer, we can help you save.

Your virtual guests will be able to easily watch the live stream of the wedding in high definition and celebrate (virtually) with you.

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Are you interested in livestream?

Contact us to discuss your wants and needs.

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