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En choisissant Beau à voir, vous choisissez une équipe de professionnels passionnés par la création de contenus de qualité supérieure pour vous aider à raconter votre histoire d'amour d'une manière unique et mémorable.


Photo & Video

Capturing love is our specialty. We are professionals passionate about wedding photography, which emphasizes emotions and authenticity. Our goal is to capture every magical moment of your wedding day and turn them into unforgettable memories.

Crédit Photo : Kim Archambault

Eco-friendly wedding invitations

You can have your wedding invitations printed on recycled paper, which helps conserve natural resources and can be planted in a garden or planter, making it biodegradable. We also offer recycled paper envelopes.


Wedding site web

wedding couple

Creating a wedding website is also an eco-friendly gesture, as it saves a significant amount of paper and eliminates the need for transportation when it comes to sending out physical invitations or thank-you cards.



Whether you're getting married in a remote location or some of your guests just can't make the trip, consider setting up a live broadcast of your wedding ceremony.

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