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Pre-wedding Photo & video

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Photo & video

The pre-wedding photoshoot is a unique way to tell your love story through an intimate film that will be screened at your wedding reception. Whether scripted or unscripted, in familiar or dramatic locations, video pre-wedding lets your guests experience your world while expressing your love for your loved one in a way that feels right to you.

In addition to telling your story, a pre-wedding video can also help you get familiar with the camera and quickly work out the best camera angles for you. And why not take the opportunity to reaffirm your mutual commitments before the big day!

With the help of video professionals, you can capture authentic moments and heartfelt emotions that will allow you to relive those treasured memories for a lifetime. So why not consider a pre-wedding video to add a personal touch to your special day and create memories that will last forever.


Why include an engagement photo

and video session in your wedding planning?

– Build a relationship with your photographer

The engagement photo session is an excellent opportunity to meet your photographer before the big day. This allows you to feel more comfortable and confident with him or her. By creating a friendly relationship with your photographer, you ensure that you are working with someone who understands you and knows how to put you at ease in front of the camera. By familiarizing yourself with the shooting process, you will be more comfortable during the wedding photos, resulting in more natural and spontaneous photos.

– Create quality memories for your engagement

Engagement photos are a great way to celebrate your love and capture precious memories of your engagement. You can use these photos to create personalized wedding invitations, decorate your home, or simply reminisce about your love and engagement. It is also possible to take photos in meaningful places for both of you, adding a personal touch to your memories.

– Take time for yourselves and enjoy the moment

These days, many wedding videos include a pre-wedding video. This has become a recent trend. This pre-wedding video is essentially a video about the things leading up to the wedding day.

The reasons for getting a pre-wedding video besides allowing your family and friends to know what you were doing in this pre-wedding videography, it can also serve a few other purposes.

This is how you can get to know your wedding videographer before the big day when two individuals become one, they always ask for something. The couple always asks whether their chemistry will balance with the chemistry of the videographer who is doing the wedding videography. It is important that the whims of the cameraman and the couple are in balance, as on the day of the wedding, everything can fall apart if there is no balance.

– It's also how wedding videographers will get to know the coupl


By making a pre-wedding video, the videographer can get a glimpse of the couple's quirks and mannerisms. This can essentially save the day when the videographer knows how to act with the couple when the wedding is taking place. This way, no accidents or annoying behavior will be shown on the wedding day if it is detected during the creation of the pre-wedding video.

– It tells the story of your love story


Normally, a pre-wedding video tends to include the narration of the life story of how the couple met and fell in love. This can be done by conducting interviews of the bride and groom, whether separately or together, or candidly asking questions when each member of the couple is essentially doing something. Preferably by doing something that is related to the management and preparation of the wedding itself. The goal is that through this type of video, the videographer with the help of the couple must weave a narrative story that all guests at the reception will exceptionally enjoy.

As you may have already read, there are different reasons to make a video about pre-wedding anecdotes, we also recommend that you make one. This will not only help for the purposes described above, but will also be a beautiful touch to the actual wedding videography.

In summary, the engagement photo session is an excellent opportunity to build a relationship with your photographer, capture precious memories, and enjoy a relaxed moment as a couple. So why not include an engagement photo session in your wedding planning?

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